Some thoughts on entrepreneurship challenges
Young companies, especially those in the Software Products & Services Industry, have common problems.  The big 3 are: Financing, Market, and Execution.  Getting a grip on these can seem overwhelming when you're just getting started.  There are many sources of information for how to seek Financing and for evaluating competition and penetrating the Market.  However, over the years I've come to believe that an excellent idea well-backed by money will fail every time if the Execution is bad. 

Let's face it: young companies are largely started by amateurs.  To help those talented amateurs who are determined to turn pro, I've evolved some models for thinking about typical challenges in young companies.

Back of the Envelope

You wake up one morning with a brilliant idea for a software product and services business; you're sure there's a demand for it in the marketplace.  How would you describe your business idea to a friend and discuss its economic soundness?  Can you fit it on the back of an envelope?

Departments vs Roles

You can't possibly set up a typical department structure in your 20-person company with 3 managers, but there are all these pesky corporate functions which seem to need owners.  What's a cash-strapped CEO to do?

Annual Planning

Admit it - you have no clear idea how to create an annual plan and sort out the competing priorities for your extremely limited and inadequate resources.  Here's a simple approach for getting started.